OTRP Member – you MUST accept this disclaimer in order to proceed with a Pre-Defense Matter.

Disclaimer: Pre-Defense Services paid for by the Pool are NOT a grant of coverage under the Ohio Transit Risk Pool program. The Pool reserves the right to deny coverage to any claim, including any issue handled with Pre-Defense Services. The Pre-Defense Services are provided only as a Risk Management Tool to help the Member prevent litigation or help the Member better prepare for unavoidable litigation. Ultimately, it is in the best interest of the Pool and its Member to resolve issues quickly and appropriately. Pre-Defense Services will be paid directly by the Pool, but are limited to $1,000 per request. If the issue(s) presented in the Pre-Defense Services become(s) an open covered claim, all money paid by the Pool, up to $1,000, of that occurrence will be waived. Your organization will be solely responsible for paying all Pre-Defense Services costs that exceed $1,000.

The requesting member understands and acknowledges that OTRP may learn about the matter from the attorney assigned to work on the Pre-Defense Services. However, these communications will be subject to, and protected by, the attorney/client privilege. Before proceeding, you must acknowledge that you have reviewed the above information and have the authority to bind your organization to these requirements and fiscal obligations. By affirmatively acknowledging below, your organization agrees to these terms and conditions.

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